The problem: most sunglasses are made with thin, flimsy frames that break easily, scratch easily, and need to be babied. And yet, you still have to shell out a lot for them. We've all been there - you accidentally sit on a pair and they (and you) get bent out of shape. So we set out to create a very durable pair of sunglasses that keep up with your life in motion and handle the occasional "oh sh**" moment.


Thicker than your average: we used thick, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frames that are incredibly strong and light, and made the part around the lens much wider to protect the lens during accidental drops. They're finished with a matte black protective armor that is scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and corrosion resistant. Some might say making sunglasses out of this high quality metal is overkill - we just call it good design.


Then, we used polarized UV400 lenses that have 100% UVA and UVB protection, are scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, shatter-proof, have an instant self-healing coating (yes, really) and weigh less than half the weight of traditional lenses. The self-healing ability repairs scratches up to 20um depth and protects against sand, drops and regular wear and tear. We still recommend keeping them in their case when you’re not wearing them though - they’re really tough, but not indestructible.


The combination of lightweight lenses and frames with spring hinges for grip and flexible, non-slip nose pads makes the sunglasses fall-off-your-face-proof. So, just like our underwear, there's no need to "readjust".


But our focus didn't end with the sunglasses - we built a case that is just as functional, durable and well designed as our glasses. Our case folds flat to fit into your pocket, and the walls are made with steel plates for durability - so don't worry if you sit on them or drop them - they can handle it.


Each pair of sunglasses comes with a folding metal case and thick microfiber cleaning cloth that has structure and durability.


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        • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy - incredibly strong and light - some might say making sunglasses out of such high quality metal is overkill, we just call it good design
        • Thick aluminum matte black frame to protect lenses from accidental drops. The frames make contact with the ground first (which is great considering they are impact-resistant)
        • Corrosion resistant frame
        • Scratch-resistant and impact-resistant protective armor coated frames
        • Stainless steel screws
        • Flex hinge for fall-off-your-face-proof grip and to accommodate wider faces
        • Flexible, non-slip nose pad
        • Laser etched arms that won't scratch off to stand the test of time



        • Scratch-resistant to stand up to sand and usual wear and tear
        • Polarized UV400 - 100% UVA and UVB Protection
        • Instant Self-healing - conceal deeper scratches (repairs scratches up to 20um)
        • Impact-resistant - doesn't crack when dropped
        • Shatter-proof
        • Lightweight - weigh less than half of the weight of traditional glasses lenses so they don’t slide down your nose when you lean forward


        Case & Cloth:

        • Steel plate reinforced case for protection and durability
        • Case folds flat to fit in your pocket - no more bulky cases
        • Thick microfiber cleaning cloth that has structure and durability
        • Each pair of sunglasses comes with a folding metal case and microfiber lens cloth.


        All of our products are easy care:

        • Wipe clean with dry or damp cloth
        • Store in protective case when not in use